A Cold Night of Darkness (Remix)

Kyrie Ellison

Remixed and Remastered digital single by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) at his Sonic Train Studios [April 2018] - previously released on the debut album [Kyrie Ellison - Untold Stories: The Scriptures Of Sadness]

Previously available on our full length debut album (Untold Stories: The Scriptures Of Sadness) - the lyrics tackle the very relevant, serious, and heavy topic of cyber bullying and social media acceptance, as a whole. The lyrics reflect encouragement for everyone to stay true to themselves, be proud of who you are, and rise above the negativity of life and you'll find your rainbow and gold.

It was an honor to team up with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) and Sonic Train Studios to bring the original version up to a modern metal punch! Being the song was buried in the middle of the CD, we felt this song may have been overlooked. So kicking it up and giving it a second chance with better production, should allow for bigger promotional tools and future ideas, we have in mind?!

We hope you enjoy the remix/remaster and crank it loud, because your neighbors wanna hear it, too! m/

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